Garlic Puree in the Food Industry

Garlic Puree in the Food Industry

Garlic, with its pungent aroma and distinctive flavour, has been a mainstay in global cuisine for centuries. But when it comes to capturing the essence of garlic without the peeling and chopping process, garlic puree emerges as a culinary hero.

This exquisite product spices up dishes without the tedious work of preparation, making it a staple in kitchens around the world.

In this article, we dive into the world of garlic puree: from where to buy it to how it is used and processed in the food industry.

Where to Buy Garlic Puree

In this day and age, convenience is key. That’s why finding garlic puree in grocery shops and online markets has become increasingly easy. You can buy it in a variety of formats: from small jars to large containers to meet the needs of both amateur cooks and professional chefs.

Gourmet food shops and speciality shops also often offer varieties of garlic puree that include additional ingredients, such as fresh herbs or olive oil, for an extra touch of flavour.

How to Use Garlic Puree in the Food Industry

Garlic puree is not only a treasure in the home kitchen, but has also revolutionised the food industry. Its versatility and ease of use have made it a popular ingredient in a wide variety of products.

In the catering industry and large-scale food production, garlic puree has become an essential choice for a distinctive and consistent flavour.

In sauces and dressings: garlic puree, with its richness of flavour, integrates perfectly into a variety of sauces and dressings. From classic tomato sauces to gourmet vinaigrettes, garlic puree adds an aromatic depth that elevates the flavour profile.

In baked goods: imagine freshly baked bread with a hint of garlic that releases with every bite. Bakers have embraced garlic puree to create deliciously flavoured breads and buns, offering bread lovers a unique culinary experience.

In frozen and pre-cooked foods: the frozen food industry has embraced garlic puree because of its ability to retain its flavour even after the freezing process. Pizza, pasta and other pre-cooked foods benefit from the consistent flavour that garlic puree provides, making every bite memorable.

In ready meals and fast food: quick preparation is essential in the fast food and ready meals industry. Garlic puree, being easily dosable and ready to use, has found a special place in these kitchens. From gourmet burgers to elaborate pasta dishes, garlic puree ensures a uniform and authentic taste.

Advantages of Garlic Puree for the food industry

Garlic puree has become an invaluable ally for companies in the food industry due to its numerous advantages.

Convenience and comfort is one of the main reasons why companies opt for garlic puree. It eliminates the need to peel, chop and crush fresh garlic, which saves time and labour in large-scale food production.

In addition, the shelf life of garlic puree is significantly longer than that of fresh garlic, ensuring an extended shelf life for end products without compromising taste or quality.

Another key advantage is the consistency of flavour offered by garlic puree. Unlike fresh garlic, which can vary in flavour and potency, garlic puree provides a uniform flavour profile in each production batch. This uniformity is essential to maintain the quality of the final product, ensuring that customers experience the same flavour every time.

In short, convenience, extended shelf life and flavour consistency make garlic puree a logical and beneficial choice for businesses in the food industry. By incorporating this versatile and reliable ingredient into their products, companies not only save time and effort, but also offer their customers a consistent and delicious culinary experience.

Garlic at The Garlic Factory

At The Garlic Factory, we offer garlic products in a variety of presentations to meet the needs of our customers. We process and supply garlic in frozen, fresh, dried and liquid formats, providing flexible and convenient culinary solutions for the food industry. What sets us apart is our commitment to quality and food safety.

Our garlic factory works exclusively with 100% Spanish raw materials. This approach allows us to maintain strict control over product quality and guarantee traceability from the beginning to the end of the value chain. This transparency in the process allows us to offer our customers unparalleled food safety, which is essential in the food industry.

In addition to quality, price stability is another key advantage when choosing us as your garlic supplier. We understand market fluctuations and are committed to offering stable prices throughout the year. This gives our customers the confidence to plan their operations without worrying about sudden changes in costs.

The Garlic Factory is not just a supplier; we are partners in our customers’ success. By choosing us, you not only get high-quality garlic at stable prices, but also a reliable partner who cares about excellence at every stage of the production process. With us, you can rely on stability, quality and commitment.


Garlic puree has not only simplified domestic cooking, it has also transformed the way the food industry creates its products. With its versatility and richness of flavour, this magical ingredient will remain a favourite both in our homes and in the hearts of chefs around the world.

So, the next time you enjoy a delicious sauce or freshly baked bread, take a moment to appreciate the magic touch of garlic puree that has made that exceptional flavour possible. Enjoy the magic of garlic!

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