Discover the essential role of garlic in the food industry, its formats, benefits and how to obtain a supply of garlic with Spanish quality.

Garlic in the Food Industry: The Essential Ingredient

At the epicenter of numerous innovations in the food industry, garlic remains an indispensable ingredient, infusing flavor, aroma and health benefits into a wide variety of products. Its use covers such a wide range that it has become a key piece in both traditional recipes and current preparations.

In this article we tell you the various applications of garlic in the food industry, highlighting the industries that most demand it and the main uses given to it, covering the production, logistics and marketing of garlic in the food industry. In addition, we explain the formats available for purchase, from garlic powder to exotic black garlic, and how these are integrated into food products to improve flavor, texture and nutritional value.

Garlic in the Food Industry

Garlic is not only a favorite in kitchens around the world for its intense flavor and versatility; It also plays a crucial role in the food industry. Its application extends far beyond simply being an ingredient in dishes and recipes; Garlic is essential in the creation of a wide range of food products, from preserves to condiments to baked goods and more. We talk about how garlic is integrated into the food industry, highlighting the industries that buy it the most, its main uses and the importance of the production, logistics and marketing of this essential ingredient.

The Food Industries that Buy the Most Garlic

Garlic is demanded by a variety of sectors within the food industry. Condiment and spice distribution companies, processed food manufacturers and distributors, canning industries, manufacturers and distributors of ready meals and producers of healthy and diet foods are just some examples. Additionally, the growing popularity of ethnic cuisines, which often use garlic as a key ingredient, has boosted its demand in restaurants and fast food chains globally.

Main Uses of Garlic in the Food Industry

In the food industry, garlic is used in several ways:

  • As a Condiment: Garlic powder, granules or paste is widely used as a seasoning in snacks, processed meats, and prepared dishes, providing a characteristic flavor.
  • In Canned: Garlic is a natural preservative and is used in the preparation of pickles, flavored oils and vinegars, improving the flavor and extending the shelf life of the product.
  • Bakery products: Although less common, garlic is used in certain baked goods, such as garlic breads or flavored tortillas, offering a unique flavor profile.
  • In Healthy Eating:Given its reputation as a superfood, garlic is incorporated into dietary products and nutritional supplements.

Production, Logistics and Marketing of Garlic

As garlic manufacturers and distributors, our mission is to bring garlic from our fields to consumers and companies in the food industry. Here we bring you our way of managing this process, focusing on quality and efficiency in each step.

Garlic Production

Our process begins with the selection of garlic varieties, adapted to the conditions of our soil and the climate of Spain. Sustainable agriculture is fundamental to us, applying practices that maximize yields and protect the environment. The harvest represents the work in the fields, and we make sure it is done in a way that preserves the quality of the garlic.

Garlic Processing

Before moving on to logistics, a crucial step in our operation is garlic processing. Once garlic has been harvested and cured, we proceed to transform it into different formats to satisfy the needs of the market. This process involves various preparation and preservation methods that ensure maximum quality and convenience for our customers and the end user.

The garlic first undergoes a peeling and cleaning process. We use advanced mechanical techniques that allow us to remove the skin without damaging the garlic cloves, guaranteeing the purity and hygiene of the product.

The peeled garlic is then processed into different formats that adapt to different uses in industry and in the kitchen: garlic powder, garlic paste, garlic flakes, peeled garlic cloves, garlic granules, garlic cubes, garlic and black garlic extract.


Transportation logistics is key to maintaining the freshness of garlic, using packaging that ensures its conservation during transport. This step is crucial to ensure that the product reaches our customers in optimal conditions.


Formats Available to Buy Garlic

Understanding the versatility of garlic and its importance in the kitchen and food industry, in The Garlic Factory, we have developed a wide range of formats that adapt to the specific needs of our clients. Each format preserves the essential qualities of garlic, guaranteeing flavor, ease of use and durability of the product.

Garlic Powder

Ideal for quick and even seasoning, garlic powder is obtained from dehydrated and finely ground fresh garlic cloves. It’s perfect for spice blends, soups, and any dish that calls for a hint of garlic without the texture of fresh garlic.

Garlic Paste

Garlic Paste delivers all the intensity of fresh garlic in a convenient, easy-to-use form. It is excellent for dressings, marinades and mixes, providing a deep, homogeneous flavor in every bite.

Garlic Flakes

Garlic flakes are created by dehydrating fresh garlic cloves cut into thin slices. This format is ideal for those looking for convenience without sacrificing the flavor and texture of fresh garlic. They rehydrate easily in liquids, making an excellent addition to stews and sauces.

Peeled Garlic Cloves

We offer fresh peeled garlic cloves, ready to use, saving you time and effort in the kitchen. This format is perfect for food businesses and consumers who value freshness and ease of use.

Garlic Granules

Similar to garlic powder but with a coarser texture, granules are ideal for when you want to add a touch of garlic with a slight texture. They are great for sprinkling over finished dishes or incorporating into recipes that benefit from more visible dispersion.

Garlic Dice

Diced garlic offers maximum convenience, while maintaining the characteristic flavor and texture of fresh garlic. They are perfect to incorporate directly into cooked dishes, where garlic complements the overall aesthetic.

Garlic Extract

Garlic extract is produced by concentrating the aromatic and flavoring compounds of garlic, resulting in a liquid with a powerful flavor. It is widely used in the food industry to infuse products with the flavor of garlic without altering the texture of the food.

Black Garlic

Our black garlic is the result of a controlled fermentation process that transforms fresh garlic into smooth, sweet black cloves with a complex and umami flavor. It is a gourmet ingredient prized by chefs and culinary enthusiasts for its versatility and depth of flavor.

Each of these formats has been developed thinking about the various culinary applications and the needs of our customers, from home cooking to industrial production. At The Garlic Factory we are committed to providing high quality products that highlight the flavor and quality of garlic in all its forms.

Trends in Food Consumption and the Role Garlic Plays

In the food industry, garlic continues to be a vital ingredient that enriches the flavor of products and adapts to emerging trends and changing consumer demands. Innovations and trends related to the use of garlic in various food products reflect a growing interest in health, convenience and global flavor exploration. We update you on the most notable trends and innovations:

Functional and Healthy Foods

Demand for foods that offer additional health benefits is booming. Garlic, known for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, is being incorporated into products that seek to promote cardiovascular health, improve immunity and offer detoxifying properties. The Manufacturers are developing products enriched with garlic, such as functional drinks, dietary supplements and fortified foods, which target health-conscious consumers.

Global Culinary Experiences

Globalization has fostered an appetite to explore authentic flavors and recipes from around the world. Garlic plays a crucial role in many global cuisines, and manufacturers are innovating sauces, condiments, soups and ready meals that offer authentic culinary experiences. From black garlic, with its sweet, complex flavor, to variations on sauces and dressings inspired by cuisines around the world, garlic is at the center of product innovation that fulfills the desire for culinary exploration.

Comfort without Compromise

Consumers are looking for simple solutions that do not compromise taste or quality. Garlic-based products, such as ready-to-use garlic pastes, peeled and frozen garlic cloves, and others quality condiments In attractive formats, they offer practical solutions for cooking quickly without sacrificing flavor. These innovations target a market that values ​​both convenience and authenticity of flavor.

Innovations and trends surrounding the use of garlic in the food industry demonstrate the versatility and enduring appeal of this ingredient. Responding to consumer demands for healthy, convenient and flavorful products, garlic continues to be an essential component in food innovation, offering endless possibilities for the development of new products and culinary experiences.

Are you looking for a reliable, high-quality supply of garlic for your business? At The Garlic Factory, we are leaders in the European garlic industry, with more than a century at the forefront of the market, committed to excellence and innovation. With our dedication to working exclusively with 100% Spanish raw materials, we guarantee the best quality.

We understand the importance of reliability for our customers, which is why we offer stable prices throughout the year and always maintain sufficient stock to satisfy even the most demanding demands. Whether you need garlic for food manufacturing, in the restaurant industry, or any other application,contact with The Garlic Factory and let’s start working together.

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